Burren Berries at the Clare Garden Festival in aid of Milford Care Centre and One Human Race

Spring has finally sprung and that means the always brilliant Clare Garden Festival rocks into Ennis this Sunday. Burren Berries will be doing things a little differently at this year festival - with all the proceeds from every strawberry and raspberry plant sold going to Milford Hospice in Limerick and the One Human Race charity who are working with refugees.
Burren Berries has a very limited supply of 100 per cent natural and organic garden strawberries and raspberries this year so we wont be trading on any other market. So this is you're only chance to get your hands on some Burren Berries in 2016.
The Clare Garden Festival will take place this Sunday, April 24, at the Ennis Showground from 10am. There will be more than 60 stallholders, dozen of expert talks, pop up gardens, kids entertainment and all the best of craic.
See you there...


Burren Natural Raspberry Plants

So this year hasn't been the best year for growing strawberries - in Ireland at least. Between the rain, the wind and the lack of any real heat or sunshine, the poor strawberries didn't really stand a chance, at least not a chance of producing a decent crop.
The raspberries on the other hand are having a field day. Burren Berries stock a large supply of July/August cropping Irish raspberry plants. So far this year, we had a great crop from our small plantation at home, and there are more coming every day.
I've just uploaded a new blog with details about planting, growing and looking after raspberries. If you'd like to find out how to grow your own delicious raspberries, check it out HERE.

Introducing the Giant Sunflowers

Sunflowers and Nasturtiums
Burren Berries will launch our brand new organic Giant Sunflower Plants tomorrow at the  Ballyvaughan Farmers Market from 10am to 2pm. Grown from hand saved seeds, the saplings will grow into large plants - between 6 and 8 feet tall - and produce one very large and a number of smaller flowers.
Believe it or not, sunflowers grow really well in our unpredictable Irish summers - even on the west coast - and will fit right in in a sunny spot in pretty much every garden. For full growing information click GIANT SUNFLOWERS or visit our SHOP to make a purchase.

Burren Barries at the Clare Garden Festival

Claudia modelling the raspberries
Burren Berries will kick off the 2015 growing season this Sunday, April 26, with our first outing of the year to the Clare Garden Festival in Ennis. To mark the occasion, we are also unveiling a brand new produce - Burren Natural Raspberry Plants.
Year old plants, they produce medium to large red fruits in July and August and will fruit this year. Just like the Burren Natural Strawberry Plants, these plants have been produced 100 per cent naturally, with no artificial fertiliser or pesticides and are born and bread in Clare - which means that they will be well able to handle whatever weather the Atlantic throws at us in the months and years ahead.
The Clare Garden Festival kicks off at 11am at the Ennis Showgrounds with heaps of garden related fun and more then 80 local exhibitors. If you can't make it to the garden festival, Burren Berries will return to the Ballyvaughan Farmer's Market on Saturday, May 4 - or just visit the online ONLINE SHOP.
Strawberry plants - all ready for summer

How to grow lots of strawberries (even if you don't have lots of space)

Strawberries are very straightforward plants - if you treat them right, they'll do right by you. So, if you want to grow lots of delicious strawberries [and who doesn't want to grow lots of delicious strawberries], I've put together a few things to help you on your way. The video below is of my daughters, Alíona and Claudia, showing off one of strawberry beds. This small bed, about 3x5 foot, produced hundreds of berries each summer. Find out how HERE. Cheers - Andy 

Back in Ballyvaughan

Burren Natural Strawberry were back in Ballyvaughan this Saturday for the first Ballyvaughan Farmer's Market of the new season. As well as having a nice selection of this year's plants for sale, I
spent the morning weaving some willow. The result was a new basket in red willow and sugan which I have, with the help of Robbie Ball, christened the Burren Spider. The basket is roughly 15 inches in diametre and 12 inches and will gradually turn more red and brown. If anyone would like to get their hands on some Burren Berries, or indeed a one-of-a-kind willow basket or willow Celtic figure, come
up to St john's Hall in Ballyvaughan any Saturday between 10am and 2pm. Alternatively you could always email burrenberries@gmail.com or call/text 086 3512763 for sale and delivery in the Clare/South Galway area. Now get planting! Andy  

Clare Garden Festival

Thanks to everyone who supported Burren Natural Strawberry Plants at last weekend's Clare Garden Festival in Ennis. We had a great day, meet lots of interesting people, saw some great plants and had our best ever day for sales of Burren Berries.
As a welcome to new strawberry growers, I will be blogging tips about starting a new strawberry patch in the coming weeks - starting with advice on where to locate your berries later this week. For those people new to Burren Natural Strawberry Plants, don't forget to like us on facebook or follow us twitter where you can get regular updates and growing tips.
To get your hands on some Burren Natural Strawberry Plants email burrenberries@gmail.com or call/text 086 3512763. We will be back at the Ballyvaughan Farmers Market this Saturday and every Saturday from 10am to 2pm. Not get planting! Andy