Burren Berries at the Lahinch Reko Ring

Burren Berries will be trading at the Lahinch Reko Ring from next Wednesday, June 23. Reko is new idea which aims to promote sustainable, local consumption. On ordering must be done online using the Reko Rings Facebook page and people collect their orders in the top car park in Lahinch each Wednesday from 5pm to 5.30pm. I will be trading the Burren Berry Bundle at the Reko Ring. The bundle includes 10 strawberry plants, 6 currant bushes, 5 raspberry bushes, 1 grape vine and 1 gooseberry bush - all grown in West Clare. The normal price for this bundle is €80 but I will be selling them for €70 at the Lahinch Reko Ring. I will also be including a free hop plant with each Burren Berries Bundle sold.  

For more details on how the Lahinch Reko Ring works visit their facebook group HERE.   

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