Garden Strawberry Plants

The main work at Burren Berries concerns growing and cultivating delicious and hardy garden strawberry plants. Our strawberries contain a number of very similar varieties of Fragaria X Ananassa. They grow very well in almost all soil types, enjoy nice sunny spots, a little shelter from the wind, long walks and getting caught in the rain.
In April/May they send out blossoms of white/yellow flowers which turn to berries and ripen in June July. In August/September they send out runners, which you can plant on and grow your strawberry bed for free.
These plants will produce a crop in year one [a good crop with any luck], but their main harvests come in the second, third and fourth years. They will enjoy a little mulching, [lawn cuttings will do fine and also give them a little boost of nitrogen], as well as a little feeding in years three and four [and organic comfrey soak in a perfect but failing that some tomato feed in April or May will do just fine]. After five years, it might be worth starting another patch somewhere else - strawberries  
 the exact genus ]

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