Gooseberries are hardy, thorny bushes which grow very well in the wilds of West Clare. Burren Berry Gooseberries produce a lime green/yellow fruit with a deep tangy flavour each June. Once planted, they require very little maintenance but will benefit from a little pruning after three or four years.

Gooseberries are pretty tolerant fellas, they can handle a wide variety of soil conditions but avoid areas which are prone to drought or water-logging. The don't need full sun and are happy in semi-shaded areas where the fruit ripens slowly. 

Gooseberries are early risers - the earliest of all the Burren Berries. You will see blossoms and fruit emerge in April and May and the fruit will be ready to pick from early June. Once the fruit goes and bit soft at all, get picking it.

After care: 
Each gooseberry plant will take a few years to become fully established in an area but once it's at home it will give an increasing supple of fruit each year. It's a good idea to prune your plants after a few years to prevent them from getting too leggy - do this in the Autumn or early winter, when the plant is dormant. They are not so easy to propagate, I've had limited success from taking cuttings and the most reliable method is to pin a long gooseberry to the ground with a stone or fencing nail and remove a little bark where the plant meets the soil. This allows roots to form slowly while the car is still drawing nutrients from the mother plant.

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