How to grow lots of strawberries (even if you don't have lots of space)

Strawberries are very straightforward plants - if you treat them right, they'll do right by you. So, if you want to grow lots of delicious strawberries [and who doesn't want to grow lots of delicious strawberries], I've put together a few things to help you on your way. The video below is of my daughters, Alíona and Claudia, showing off one of strawberry beds. This small bed, about 3x5 foot, produced hundreds of berries each summer. Find out how HERE. Cheers - Andy 

Back in Ballyvaughan

Burren Natural Strawberry were back in Ballyvaughan this Saturday for the first Ballyvaughan Farmer's Market of the new season. As well as having a nice selection of this year's plants for sale, I
spent the morning weaving some willow. The result was a new basket in red willow and sugan which I have, with the help of Robbie Ball, christened the Burren Spider. The basket is roughly 15 inches in diametre and 12 inches and will gradually turn more red and brown. If anyone would like to get their hands on some Burren Berries, or indeed a one-of-a-kind willow basket or willow Celtic figure, come
up to St john's Hall in Ballyvaughan any Saturday between 10am and 2pm. Alternatively you could always email or call/text 086 3512763 for sale and delivery in the Clare/South Galway area. Now get planting! Andy